Welcome to MyoAlign

The technique on how
to holistically balance the body.

Only when you treat the body and mind as one, can you achieve true healing.


Myo- comes from the Greek mŷs, meaning “muscle”.


To place or arrange in a straight line.


A holistic method to balance the body and mind.

-About The Technique-

MyoAlign is a new whole-body approach to manual therapy combining a variety of different modalities, all focused on addressing the core issue. With this knowledge we are able to achieve true long lasting change in a short period of time. 

-How It Works-

This course will help you discover the root cause of your client’s pain or dysfunction. Once that is discovered, you will be able to use our specialized techniques to re-establish balance to the body. Increasing range of motion and reducing pain.

-a word from your instructor-

“Seeing past the symptoms and treating the root cause of what is bothering your client, allows you to create lasting markable change”.

-Who We Are-

We are bodyworkers that believe health care should actually care about peoples’ total health addressing the mind and body as one interconnected unit.

-success stories-

"I can honestly say that the difference in how my body felt as a practitioner performing the technique and the effectiveness and speed at which some of these release techniques work at is astounding. It compliments if not trumps most traditional PT treatments."

About Holden Zalma

Our founder and creator of the MyoAlign Technique, with over 27 years of experience healing bodies, and sought after by the world’s most elite athletes, celebrities and business moguls, brings a multidisciplinary approach to manual therapy.

His ability to see past the superficial and quickly address the core cause of dysfunction has allowed him to achieve amazing results with those who have had no access in the past.

-Begin Your Journey-

Reaching the goal of providing holistic healing to your clients is just a few steps away. Learn all of the MyoAlign secrets from the comfort of your own home!