Continuing Education For Chiropractors With Online Courses

Continuing Education For Chiropractors With Online Courses

If you became a Chiropractor, most likely you did it because you wanted to help people. You also saw that the western medical system was ill-equipped to non- invasively treat muscular skeletal issues, but you weren’t! 

So you went to school, opened a practice or got a job working for someone else. 


Now you’re either seeing a lot of patients, working long hours, or trying to figure out how to differentiate yourself from other practitioners and docs. 


Chiropractic, like many other modalities, at its core, hasn’t changed in over 50yrs. The way to treat and attain patients also hasn’t changed. The problem is that the profession hasn’t changed but what the patients want and expect has! 

Today the patients are busy, active and want more than a quick fix to their pain and discomfort. People are looking for long term solutions and real customer service from their medical professionals. The days of a 10 min adjustment, just don’t cut it anymore. 


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Holistic Medicine Is Changing

What holistic medicine is moving toward, is a concierge model. One where the doctor looks at the patient’s total health, not just their alignment. One where time is taken to discover the root cause of their pain, not just a patch for their symptoms.


So how can Chiropractors provide this? They need to move past what is “traditional”.


By incorporating multiple modalities that address not just the alignment,  but why the subluxation is happening in the first place. What muscular and fascia restrictions are at play? What muscular imbalances, dietary and emotional factors are contributing to the patient’s condition? What is going on with the person, not just the pain!


The first step is changing the model of how much time spent with each patient, spending 45-60 mins with each patient to address the core issue and effect real change is going to become the norm. This will differentiate them from other docs allowing them to charge a premium and work less hours while needing fewer patients to achieve the financial goals the docs desire. 

MyoAlign Is A Chiropractor Online Course

One of the best programs out there to help docs achieve this new model that their patients are hungry for is called  MyoAlign.

This is an online course built for chiropractors. This program uses manual therapy techniques and innovative diagnostic tools to better understand the role emotions, diet, the environment and fascia play into the overall health of your patient. 

Incorporating these methods into your treatments, will help balance the body allowing the adjustments to hold and solidify positive change in your patient’s overall health.

This technique doesn’t change what you do as a chiropractor, but instead gives you additional tools to get amazing lasting results with your patients never seen before.


If you want your patients so happy that they refer everyone they know, you have to check out MyoAlign, it will change the way you see the body while helping your patients truly heal and live better lives.

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