Continuing Education For Physical Therapists Using Online Courses

Continuing Education For Physical Therapists Using Online Courses

The continuing education world for physical therapy is flooded with different techniques to help treat one specific problem or injury.  But traditional physical therapy has been plagued by the same problem the western medical community has been stricken with, over specialization. 

When we focus on treating symptomology instead of the person, how does it affect our overall care? If the problem is shoulder pain and the treatment is to strengthen the area, massage it, and use different modalities to reduce inflammation, is this the best course of treatment? What if the shoulder is impinged due to a tilt in the pelvis that is rolling the shoulders forward causing the pain and impingement?  In this case doing the rehabilitation on the shoulder alone wouldn’t work and potentially cause more problems by strengthening that person into the injury. The new trend in Physical Therapy continuing education is a whole body approach to injuries. The therapist will run the patient through their normal evaluation but instead of only focusing their treatment on where the pain or script is directed, they look at the whole body and structure.  

By discovering and addressing the root cause of the problem, instead of just the symptom, results related to reduction in pain and increased range of motion are seen faster while greatly reducing the duration of time needed for ongoing treatment. When we start treating our patients and clients like people instead of body parts and conditions it’s amazing what we can accomplish.

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Try MyoAlign | The Physical Therapist Online Course

One of the best courses out there that embodies this ideal is called If you are interested in continuing education as a Physical Therapist, this is a great way to do so. MyoAlign is an online course made for Physical Therapists.  It takes a holistic approach to therapy. It is focused is on finding the root cause of the problem.  It then, through the use of manual therapy techniques, works to balance the body, allowing the therapist to then strengthen the patient into more healthy functional patterns. 

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