-How It Works-


MyoAlign is a different way of thinking.  Most treatments in western medicine are driven by the desire to treat symptoms.  MyoAlign looks past the symptom and searches for the core root of the problem or dysfunction. Only when you treat from the cause do you achieve true healing.


The evaluation is one of the most important parts of the MyoAlign technique.  With a proper evaluation, you can discover the origin of the pain and understand how it might have started. Only when you have this knowledge can you properly design a treatment plan for your client.  


The techniques are broken down by body part, starting at the head then working our way down to the toes.


Once you have a grasp of all the techniques, only then can you start applying them to specific disorders and injuries.  Each protocol begins with a customized evaluation and treatment schedule.  This schedule outlines the specific videos and techniques you will need to properly treat each issue..  Ex: Sciatica, Migraines, Shoulder pain, etc.

-About The Technique-

MyoAlign is a new whole-body approach to manual therapy combining a variety of different modalities, all focused on addressing the core issue. With this knowledge we are able to achieve true long lasting change in a short period of time. 

-Begin Your Journey-

Reaching the goal of providing holistic healing to your clients is just a few steps away. Learn all of the MyoAlign secrets from the comfort of your own home!