-Success Stories-

Nic Bartolotta, PT

“I can honestly say that the difference in how my body felt as a practitioner performing the technique and the effectiveness and speed at which some of these release techniques work at is astounding. It compliments if not trumps most traditional PT treatments.”

Kevin Davie, DPT

“Holden’s MyoAlign program allowed me to take the time to actually listen and see that not everybody’s problem is just a simple rotator cuff tear and even though that might be where they’re experiencing that pain, it might be something that’s deeper and we can treat that, but we’ve got to treat the person as a whole, opposed to just the diagnosis.”

Jessica McCargar, MT

“MyoAlign has helped me see results pretty much immediately and usually in one to two sessions. It’s also helped me find why things are happening and the root cause of some issues that my clients have. It’s really easy to navigate, easy to use and Holden just gives you so many techniques that you can use on your, on your clients.”

Lauren Peterson, DPT

“The reason I turned to MyoAlign is because I was at a standstill with traditional PT techniques. I wanted to change the way I approach patients, look at them more holistically and really hone in on my manual. MyAlign is different than anything I’ve learned in PT school, it allows you to really look at the patient as a whole, rather than just one body part at a time.”

-About The Technique-

MyoAlign is a new whole-body approach to manual therapy combining a variety of different modalities, all focused on addressing the core issue. With this knowledge we are able to achieve true long lasting change in a short period of time. 

-Begin Your Journey-

Reaching the goal of providing holistic healing to your clients is just a few steps away. Learn all of the MyoAlign secrets from the comfort of your own home!