Business Holistic Curriculum

  1. Welcome to the Business Holistic Program
  1. Welcome to Business holistic!
  2. What do you do and how to create the mindset to succeed.
  3. One. more thing on mindset…
  4. Why do you do what you do?
  5. What’s your niche?
  6. Naming your business & logistics.
  1. How to speak to your clients & price your program.
  2. The hard talk!
  3. The hard talk! pt. 2.
  4. What makes you special?
  1. Marketing your business.
  2. The power of persuasion.
  1. Mindest checkin’.
  2. Social startup.
  1. The Art of Selling.
  2. In & Out vs. Jack in the Box.
  3. How to Hire & Manage Employees.
  1. Interviewing 101.
  2. Don’t Over Deliver, That’s What Google Is For!

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Anyone who would like to start a service business or level up the one they already have!

Course Level

Beginner - Advanced

Time to Complete

7 weeks


Only English

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