Lower Body Curriculum

  1. Welcome to MyoAlign
  2. Who is this course for
  3. What you will learn
  4. How this course works
  5. Who is Holden Zalma?
  6. What is MyoAlign
  7. What is MyoAlign based on?
  8. What you will need
  1. Abdomen theory
  2. Abdomen evaluation
  3. Stripping obliques
  4. Intestine milking
  5. Hiatal hernia
  6. Gastric release
  7. Diaphragm release
  1. Lower Back/Pelvis/Lumbar theory
  2. Deep tissue QL release
  3. Lower back fascia release
  4. General lower back massage
  5. Lower back psoas release intro
  6. Lower back psoas release #1
  7. Lower back psoas release #2
  8. Lower back psoas release #3
  9. Ankle pull
  10. Manual pelvic mobe
  11. Pelvis muscle energy move
  12. Sacral release

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Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, ATC's, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths

Course Level

Intermediate - Advanced

Recommended Time to Complete

Approx. 2 weeks


Only English

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